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If you're new to CAP online, we can bring you up to speed at our About page

CAP online is a convenient way to do your business shopping online with the added benefit of picking up your order when you are ready. We will prepare your order for you and have it ready for you to pick up.

Unfortunately, we do not offer delivery at this time. However, we can arrange to have a 3rd party service deliver your order for an additional fee. Please see an in Store Associate for details or speak to your BDR rep for information.

Available CAP online locations are displayed in the Store Locator on our homepage. New CAP online locations will be added to the site once they become available. Be sure to sign up for our email newsletters to ensure you receive the latest information.

Our CAP online service is available on orders over $150.

To place a CAP online order you will need to sign up for an account. This helps ensure that we can provide you with a completely customized shopping experience. You can browse the CAP online site without creating an account.

To place a CAP online order you do not need to be a Wholesale Club Member, however, you will be asked to provide some identifying information when you place your order. When you pick up your order you will we can help you setup a new Membership.

Yes. When you place your order, you will be asked to provide your Member number.

Due to legal restrictions, tobacco cannot be purchased using CAP online. If you would like to purchase tobacco, please notify a Store Associate at the time of pick up.

You can browse and add items to your cart without adding a credit card. When you are ready to place an order it is optional to provide a credit card. Your credit card is automatically saved to your profile and can be used for future purchases. After you have processed your order, you have the option to delete the credit card without affecting completed orders by navigating to Payment within your profile. If you provide a credit card it will be used to secure payment of the order.

We accept Mastercard, Visa, Debit, Cash and Gift Cards when picking up. VISA Debit is not available at this time.

Gift cards are not currently available for purchase online. Also, gift cards are not currently available to use as payment online but can be used when picking up your order.

After you complete the checkout process, CAP online associates will start to prepare your order. You will receive an email or SMS notifying you of any updates made to your order while it is being prepared. When you or your driver arrives at your selected location during your chosen timeslot, simply follow the pickup instructions in the email or SMS.

Yes. If you would like to provide a different method of payment on pick up just let the Store Associate know once you arrive.

You can change your order by editing your shopping cart before the specified cut-off time has expired. If you place an order at least 1 day before your pick-up time slot, you can edit your shopping cart until the cut-off time of 11:59pm the day before your pick-up. We will also send you a reminder notification the day before your pick-up time. If you place an order on the same day as your pick-up time slot, you will be notified at the time of ordering what your specified cut-off time is.

Customer Service is available to assist you with completing or modifying an order. To serve you better please ensure you have created a CAP online account prior to contacting Customer Service.

Arriving to pick up your order outside of your chosen timeslot without prior notification may cause delays to you or your driver. We recommend that you contact your selected CAP online location to check availability if you need to show up early or late to pick up your order.

To cancel an order, simply sign in to your CAP account, open the cart and click Cancel Order from the summary section. If it is past the cut-off time or if you need any assistance, please contact Customer Service.

You can modify or cancel your order up until the cut-off time stated on your order confirmation. If an order is modified or cancelled after the cut-off time, you may be charged a cancellation fee.

In most case there is an assembly fee of $15. You will be notified of this fee during checkout.

When you are selecting a time slot, the next available pick-up time will be displayed.

When your order is prepared, the selected payment method will be authorized for up to 125% of the order total to accommodate updates to your order. If you choose another method of payment when you pick up your order, the authorization will remain on your card until it is expired by your bank (typically 3 - 7 days). To avoid any concerns with authorizations we recommend using the "card on file" option (if available) to pay for your order. We will then finalize the transaction using the authorization and payment method on the order.

Items priced by weight can vary in size and shape and your cart will show an estimated weight and price. When your order is prepared for pick up, we will weigh each applicable item to determine its final price.

Website prices are based on information available at the time for the specific pick up date/time. When your order is prepared, actual prices could be different. If you are not satisfied with the price of an item, you can remove the item when you pick up your order.

Coupons can be applied when you pick up your order. Please inform the Store Associate when you arrive and have your coupons ready.

Select items will be collected for your order as soon as your order reaches the cut off time. In order to maintain maximum freshness every attempt will be made to select items closer to your selected timeslot.

Our CAP online stores are fully equipped with refrigerators and freezers. All temperature-controlled items will be stored in their applicable zones in accordance with food safety guidelines.

We’re aiming to provide CAP online customers with the largest assortment of items available, but select items may not be available for purchase online. If there is a specific item that you would like to purchase but can’t find it online, please let us know by contacting Customer Service.

If an item is not available when your order is being prepared, we will select a substitution according to the preferences you specified in your account. You will be notified of any substitutions when your order is ready for pick up. If you are unhappy with the substituted item you can decline it using the notification email/SMS or when you pick up your order. If you have indicated in your preferences that you do not want substitutions, we will not pick an alternative item.

We offer both SMS/Text Message notifications along with email notifications. You can manage your notifications settings in your Account Preferences under Order Notifications.

We provide a guarantee of freshness. Our goal is to ensure that we pick the freshest and best items for our customers. If the shelf life of the product is not to your satisfaction, you can remove the item from your order at the time of pick up or return it within 14 days of purchase for a full refund or exchange. If you have any issues with an item please contact your selected CAP Online Store pickup location via phone for assistance.

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